Mastering Happy Life by Laughing More Often

secret of laughing


Mastering Happy Life by laughing more often is all about learning to see the funny side of lifes situations.
When you look around, you would be amazed to notice that there are not too people laughing heartily, or even smiling.
Laughing and smiling, and being happy is something that should come naturally to us but then why are we not doing it?
Are we losing the single most important art of maintaining good and a healthy lifestyle?
Mastering Happy Life is a short hypnotherapy session that re-tunes us to be more perceptive to the small little aspects of every situation that would make us laugh!
You might have come up across many “Laughter groups” or a shorter session of laughter therapy during your yoga classes, but all such methods fall short of the actual “laughter” that comes spontaneously from within! They seldom achieve the desired results.
Mastering Happy Life: Advantages

  1. Lighten up is important as it helps us inseeing the funny sideof even the most serious of situations.
  2. Laughing and being happy can give us a life long shield against all such toxic emotions like depression, anger, and anxiety and is a sure way of protecting ourselves from negative feelings.
  3. Every situation in life is not serious. We must learn to take everything in our stride with light hearted exuberance. In fact it helps in making us apart more confident.
  4. If you want to overcome negative comments which are made just to piss you off, you can easily make them redundant of you show people that you can occasionally laugh at yourself too!
    Besides this, lightening up boosts creativity as it opens up horizons which get restricted when our minds get clogged. It makes us look within and bursts the bubble of self importance.
  5. It is always possible to appreciate serious things in non-serious manner. Humor enlarges the canvas and the way we see things. It lowers our stress levels and we can face new challenge with clarity and confidence.
  6. Humor makes it thinking flexible which gives better solutions in all kinds of situations.
    Seeing the funny side keeps you young and healthy.
  7. Laughing regularly keeps depression away and helps us enjoy life more, live better, sleep soundly and keep a happy Outlook to life.
  8. The ability to see the funny side of a situation is a perfect stress management tool and makes learning more fun.

There are documented physical and mental health benefits of laughter. It relieves pain, reduces the stress hormones, relaxes us and produces endorphins – our natural “feel good” hormones.
While laughing freely and looking at events in a I lighter vein may may come naturally to some, it is not so easy for most.
To know more about Mastering Happy Life that helps us in living life to its fullest feel free to contact me HERE.
God bless!

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