ReikimasterHello, I am Dr. Prakash, a Reiki Grandmaster and holistic healer based in India.
I teach all levels of Reiki and carry out Reiki Attunements, Training as well as healing for all type of physical, emotional and relationship issues.
It is my belief that Reiki is meant to be easy for all to benefit. 
Keeping this in view, my first three healing services are free. Thereafter, you may not need anything more!
My Reiki classes are also highly subsidized to make them easy to pursue.
Please do not hesitate in contacting me about anything you wish to know.


LEVEL-1@ Rs 1000/- only (on skype- Rs 750/-)
LEVEL-2@ Rs 2000/- only (on skype- Rs 1500/-)

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To learn Meditation, Yoga, Naturopathy and Other Alternative Healing methods please
contact me HERE.  
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  • THREE 20 minute sessions of distance healing twice a day for three days are TOTALLY FREE for all. 
  • I charge only a token amount for the karmic exchange. All earnings (it is not much) go to charity. You can also donate directly on my behalf, instead of paying me anything.

Thou hast made me endless, such is thy pleasure,
This frail vessel thou emptiest again and again,
and fill it ever with fresh life.
This little flute of reed thou hast carried over hills & dales,
and hast breathed through it melodies eternally new.
At the immortal touch of thy hands my little heart
loses its limits of joy,
and gives birth to utterance ineffable.
Thy infinite gifts come to me,
only on these very small hands of mine.
Ages pass and thou still pour,
and still, there is room to fill….  

        ~  Rabindranath Tagore



Reiki or any other method of holistic healing is NOT a substitute for any trained
advice and should be viewed only as being complementary to it. No one should stop taking medicines immediately after learning or practicing Reiki healing or any other holistic healing. It should be done gradually as per the rate of improvement, only after your doctors’ advice.